April 2014  
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April 21, 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed a restful Spring Break.  It is hard to beleive but we are quickly approaching the end of the school year. We are already into the fourth marking quarter and our teachers and students are preparing for the Keystone Exams that will be taken in May. Panther Valley High School has been granted an additional week to schedule and complete the Keystones due to the harsh weather that we experienced this Winter. Keystone Exams will be given betweem May 12 and May 30, 2014. Exams will be given in Algebra I, Literature and Biology. I will be sending home more information as we near our exams.  

Panther Valley High School welcomes Ms. Kim Mulich from the Carbon County Animal Rescue Volunteers on Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM. Kim will be recruiting students to join the CC Animal Rescue and assist when animals are in crisis.

Also, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Karnish will be hosting Ms. Louise Keller to speak with students attending the Panther Valley High School Junior/Senior Prom on Friday May 2, 2014.  Ms. Keller will mett with students on Thursday April 24, 2014 at 9:00 AM in the Panther Valley High School Auditorium. Ms. Keller, of the Women's Resource Center in Luzerne County will be presenting a Safe Dating/Prom Safety program to help ensure that all students have a safe, fun and memorable Prom Night.  

It's time for Career Day! Members of the Panther Valley High School's Freshman Transition team have been working very hard planning Career Day 2014. The event will take place throughout the day on Friday April 28, 2014 at PVHS. Representative from local and area businesses will present career pathways and options for our students as they explore their post-secondary options. We are grateful to all of our area businesses, and entreprenuers for generously donating their time and talent to share with our students.

Senior musician, Shane McGeehan would like to welcome everyone On Thursday May 1, 2014 as he host's Carbon County originals, Free Range Folk! The concert will benefit the Panther Valley High School Band. Tckets are 5.00 for Adults and 3.00 for students. Come out and enjoy a great night of music and fun.  


Mr. Gunnels

Mr. Joseph A. Gunnels
Building Principal
Panther Valley High School



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http://www.college-scholarships.com/learning_disabilities.htm, a list of colleges with comprehensive programs for students with learning disabilities.




4/23/2014 - Carbon County Animal Rescue Assembly
PVHS: 9:30 - 10:15 AM Auditorium

4/24/2014 - Prom Safety Assembly
PVHS: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Auditorium 
4/25/2014 Career Day - 
PVHS: - All Day - Presentations Throughout PVHS

5/01/2014 - Free Range Folk Benefit Concert for PVHS Band
PVHS Auditorium 7:00 - 9:30 PM  
Admission 5.00 Adults 3.00 Students 

5/02/2014 - PVHS Junior Senior Prom.